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Antibody Description

Target H3K27me3
Vendor Active Motif
Catalog No. 61018
Lot No. 17019020
Species Mouse
Clonality Monoclonal
Clone No. MABI 0323
# Citations 1
Date (# Citations) 7/7/20
Site Update # 1
SNAP-ChIP Pass/Fail N/A
Luminex Pass/Fail Pass

We do not recommend using antibodies that fail Luminex and/or SNAP-ChIP criteria for ChIP-seq experiments, as the data will be contaminated by a significant amount of off-target signal, which could alter biological analyses and conclusions. “Limited Data” describes antibodies that show specificity, but were only tested against a small subset of nucleosomes. These antibodies should also be avoided for ChIP-seq.

* Denotes this antibody was tested in Shah et al. 2018.

Luminex Data: In this assay, biotinylated modified recombinant nucleosomes from EpiCypher (X-axis) were individually coupled to uniquely identifiable Luminex® MagPlex® beads. Antibody binding to nucleosomes was tested in multiplex and detected using a species-specific anti-IgG PE on the Luminex FlexMAP 3D®. Data is normalized to relevant on-target nucleosome.